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Self Service Empowerment | Ab Initio

Self-Service Empowerment

In large companies, much of the time involved in completing a project is spent waiting on others — waiting for environment set-up, finding data, allowing access to data, getting someone to change the application logic, and so forth. Eliminating dependency on others reduces delivery times and costs, but more importantly, it can change an organization’s culture to be more dynamic and agile. That is why most companies are now pushing hard to empower their employees with self-service capabilities.

Ab Initio has a wide range of self-service capabilities, enabling non-developers to author and test rules and to configure whole data-orientated applications. These capabilities will empower your teams by putting information and rules into the hands of experts who can make the most of the information. This will rapidly turn your data into actionable intelligence, and enable the testing of new ideas and the modeling of new initiatives.

Drive agility and productivity for your business and technical teams through self-service

Explore Ab Initio’s self-service capabilities and how they can empower your users:


Business Rules
Simulation & Rule Testing
Business Rule Lineage
Self-Service Promotion
No-Code Data Transformation
Data Catalog
Data Democratization
Enterprise Lineage
Business Metadata
Metadata-Driven Applications
Self-Service Data Provisioning

Case Studies Self-Service Empowerment

Case Studies

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