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BI, Analytics & Data Engineering

Business intelligence and analytical techniques such as machine learning can reveal powerful trends and decisions that would otherwise be lost in the mass of data. Having recognized the value hidden in data, many companies are changing their structure and culture to become data-driven businesses. The faster companies can collect data, understand it, and learn from it, the better their performance will be.

The first challenge is data itself — there is a lot of it, and even just finding the right data of the right quality and preparing it for data lakes and machine learning models takes time and effort. The second challenge is making the results of this analysis operational. For both challenges, Ab Initio will enable you to go faster — much faster.

Find, Understand, Learn, Use

... repeat

Learn how Ab Initio can accelerate your Business Intelligence and Analytical applications:


Data Wrangling
Feature Engineering
Model Execution & Deployment
Data Catalog
Virtual Data Hub
Low-Code Development
Testing & Promotion
Business Rules
Analytic Data Governance
Data Lakes & Data Warehouses

Case Studies BI, Analytics & Data Engineering

Case Studies

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