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Real-Time Digital Enablement | Ab Initio

Real-Time Digital Enablement

Providing modern, digitally enabled applications poses many technology challenges. Real-life applications contain complex business logic, including real-time decisions with state and transactional behavior. They require 24/7 availability, low latency response times, and high throughput — all in an agile service and container-based architecture. Modern applications must be built on a robust, dynamic platform that businesspeople can adapt to their needs.

Using Ab Initio software, businesses can build, test, and manage modern, digitally enabled applications. High throughput, low latency streaming, and service-based architectures are fully supported, running stateless or stateful — all built graphically. A parallel, distributed, and resilient in-memory cluster combines the best features of an in-memory data grid and an in-memory compute grid to provide an exceptionally powerful real-time platform.

Building real-time operational systems for the digital age

Learn more about how Ab Initio can help your organization rapidly build sophisticated real-time systems:


Real-Time Streaming
Real-Time Stateful Services
In-Memory Computing
Elastic Scaling
Resilience & DR
Graphical Development
Business Rules & Model Execution
API Orchestration

Case Studies Real-Time Digital Enablement

Case Studies

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