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Cloud Native | Ab Initio

Cloud Native

Using the cloud is much more than just deploying your application to a virtual machine in a different data center — it’s about embracing the core capabilities and architecture of the cloud to improve operational and technical efficiency. Now you can combine the productivity and agility of Ab Initio with all the native capabilities of the cloud. This is a truly powerful combination!

Ab Initio applications run in public clouds, in VMs or containers, and in hybrid deployments. These applications can be built using automated pipelines, run in real-time or batch, run on any platform, and scale elastically. Ab Initio can also help customers migrate their legacy applications and data warehouses to use other cloud technology, such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

Ready for the cloud from day one

Explore how Ab Initio can help your organization get to the cloud and deliver the associated cost and agility benefits:


Getting to the Cloud
12 Factors
Cloud Portability
Automated Provisioning
Productivity in the Cloud
Cloud Connectors
DevOps and CI/CD
Processing Efficiency
Elastic & Serverless Applications

Case Studies Cloud Native

Case Studies

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