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Data Processing Platform | Ab Initio

Data Processing Platform

Continual change is challenging. When you’re dealing with large data volumes, complex data formats, and intricate business logic, it can be hard to incorporate third-party products and open source libraries. Many projects simply fail. What you need is a single, integrated data processing platform that is designed, from the beginning, for speed — speed of change and speed of processing.

Ab Initio provides the most powerful data processing platform available. It can process complex enterprise data using sophisticated business logic at any scale. The applications are built graphically and can run within a batch, streaming, in-memory, or microservice architecture. High performance, end-to-end applications run in parallel and are distributed across containers or networks of different servers. It supports distributed checkpoint restart with application monitoring and alerting. At runtime, the platform adapts to changes in the data formats, rules, and infrastructure, providing a new level of agility.

The platform manages all these technical and operational foundations so that system architects, analysts, and developers can focus on the important parts: the data content and the business logic.

Built for speed —

speed of change and speed of processing

Learn how Ab Initio can unlock productivity, agility, and performance for your data processing applications:


Graphical Development
Batch & Real-Time Processing
Distributed Execution
Platform Independence
Elastic Scaling
Just-In-Time Engine
Web Services & Microservices
Data Formats & Connectors
Metadata-Driven Applications

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