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Organizations must be able to respond quickly when business needs change. However, in many large organizations, the technical teams are often viewed as a bottleneck that slows the drive to adapt to the customer and the industry. One key to achieving agility is automation. Although many processes require oversight or approval, many other processes — understanding the meaning of data, optimization, unit testing, and deployment of applications  — can be automated.

Most technology treats metadata as passive information — used purely for understanding. In contrast, Ab Initio treats metadata as active information that drives operational processes and helps organizations understand their systems.

The heart of Ab Initio technology is a processing engine that combines this metadata with just-in-time processing. This enables an application to adapt at runtime to the provided metadata — the rules, data formats, data stores, and so on. This is the basis for true automation that can unlock significant savings for a large company.

Reduce time to market and improve quality through automation

Learn more about how Ab Initio can help your organization automate its data and governance systems:


Automated Data Discovery
Automated DQ Rule Generation
Automated Test Data Generation
Automated Rule Testing
Automated Performance Optimization
Automated Unit Testing
Automated Data Pipelines
Automated Deployment
Automated Data Access
Automated CI/CD Pipelines

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