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Ab Initio®
Product List

All of Ab Initio's software products are designed and built by our engineering team in Massachusetts, US:

  • The Co>Operating System® product is a platform for building and deploying large, sophisticated business data processing applications. These applications can reliably process large amounts of data by running scalably on many CPUs within a single server and across networks of servers or containers (computing clouds). The Co>Operating System product provides complete portability of applications across Unix, Linux, Hadoop, Windows, and mainframe (z/OS) servers.
  • The Graphical Development Environment™ (GDE®) product allows for extremely rapid development of complex and enterprise-wide applications. The graphical nature of the product encourages a clearer understanding of these applications by large and diverse groups of people.
  • The Express>It® product enables business-oriented users to rapidly configure, test, and deploy metadata-driven applications that have been built using the Co>Operating System product. A set of advanced user interface controls and dialogues is provided that can easily be customized to address the specific requirements of the business application. These controls include the Business Rules Environment® (BRE®) and Easy>Data® products for creating, managing, and testing rules and processing logic; the Profiler results viewer; an EME metadata browser; a data viewer/editor; and a data format editor.
  • The Conduct>It® product provides sophisticated job automation and monitoring for Ab Initio applications and other programs, linking them together into a single execution environment. The Conduct>It product can launch applications that run in parallel across distributed sets of Unix, Linux, Windows, and z/OS servers, and containers. It also provides facilities for job alerting, job recovery, and resource management.
  • The Control>Center® product provides complete job monitoring and operational management along with optional scheduling of Ab Initio applications.
  • The Continuous>Flows® product enables applications to apply complex logic and business rules to high performance, low latency real-time processing applications. These applications can call and implement microservices, use the Active>Data® product for in-memory resilient stateful services, as well as connect to industry-standard messaging services such as Kafka, MQ, and Kinesis. Like all Ab Initio applications, real-time applications are highly robust because of Ab Initio’s patented checkpointing system.
  • The Enterprise Meta>Environment® (EME®) product is an enterprise data catalog and metadata management solution. It provides broad capabilities for all metadata created and used by the Co>Operating System product and a large number of third-party products. The EME product versions and stores schema-level metadata, business metadata, data transformation rules, applications (graphs), and operational statistics. The EME product uses technical metadata to automatically derive dependency and lineage information. It also includes a set of connectors for integrating information from a wide range of third-party design and reporting tools.
  • The Enterprise Meta>Environment Portal™ (EME Portal®) product provides user access to the Enterprise Meta>Environment product. The EME Portal product permits large numbers of users to view metadata, transformations, applications, and other information stored in the EME Technical Repository and the Metadata Hub® product.
  • The Query>It® product enables large amounts of data to be stored and then queried via SQL. The data can be stored in a wide range of file systems, such as S3, Hadoop (HDFS), or Ab Initio’s own highly efficient parallel and indexed file system (ICFF). In addition to supporting SQL query access to these data stores, the Query>It product can also reference data held in third-party databases (such as Snowflake, Teradata, DB2, and Oracle), allowing federated, push-down query access to heterogeneous data.
  • The Data Quality Environment™ product includes a range of capabilities to support data quality assessment and the associated governance process. This includes applications to enable data profiling, operational quality monitoring using business rules, and data quality reporting and alerting
  • The Co>Relate® product provides the ability to understand the hidden relationships that exist between data that may be incomplete and inconsistent, such as customer and business names. The Co>Relate product uses the Co>Operating System product to scan and index large volumes of data, which is then used to cluster, search, filter, and score potential matches. The system is fully deterministic and provides detailed tracing to understand why one data record does or does not match with another record.
  • Test Data Management (TDM) provides a quick and convenient way of masking and subsetting data to remove sensitive PII to provide test datasets of different sizes for IT projects. When masking data, TDM can maintain referential integrity of the data to ensure that the application characteristics are similar to those when real data is used. TDM also provides the ability to build new datasets when there is no existing data.


Ab Initio offers a range of licensing options for the above products, from usage-based models to enterprise agreements. Please contact Ab Initio for more information.