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About | Ab Initio

Ab Initio

Our name means from first principles, from the beginning. We started in a farmhouse built in 1692, surrounded by nature. Grounded in fundamentals, we grew steadily across countries and continents into a large global company.

Being part of Ab Initio is being part of something more human than corporate. The more we thrive, as individuals and as a team, the more we can exceed our own expectations and those of our customers. It's a powerful "feedback" loop. We are as excited today about what we can accomplish in innovative, far-reaching ways as we were at the beginning.

Ab Initio’s approach to everything, whether it is our company, our products, or how we work with our customers, is with fresh eyes and a clean slate. We do not accept conventional thinking and standard solutions, though they will be considered as part of our analysis. We believe that a deeper understanding should guide everything we do.

We constantly strive to build the world’s best software that can solve the toughest data processing and data management challenges that large organizations encounter.

To produce this quality of software, we have designed, engineered and built “from first principles” a completely integrated platform that is agile and robust, that scales and is efficient, and that works seamlessly with both the modern and legacy technologies our customers have deployed. This platform solves end-to-end computing challenges and drives down the cost of big systems.

The only thing that is more important to us than providing the best software is being the best company for our people and the best company that our customers have ever worked with.

We are very proud of our people around the world — they are not only talented, but also passionate about exceeding expectations. Our people want to work closely with you. They want to solve problems, wherever they come from. Our software is often at the heart of large complex environments with many other technologies, and your success requires that everything work together. We are experts at tracking down complex system issues and helping to solve them.

Being the best company our customers have ever worked with starts with a Proof-Of-Concept (POC). You can’t buy our software without one. A POC verifies that the toughest aspects of a planned system — high data volumes, complex processing logic and data formats, critical business rules, low latencies, high cloud efficiency, and so forth — will work well with Ab Initio’s software.

Because we love helping our customers solve their most demanding challenges and we strive to drive down the risks and costs of these projects, Ab Initio POCs are free. We will take whatever time is needed to do the job right. We understand that you must be certain that our software is going to work for you, from the beginning.

Aiming to be the best company our customers have ever worked with is fundamental to Ab Initio’s approach; how we do this sets us apart from other software companies.