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Architectural Principles | Ab Initio

From the Beginning®

Architecture is everything




Systems must be architected right from the beginning. A strong architecture leads to a strong foundation and should be applied consistently throughout the entire system. A strong architecture leads to all kinds of benefits: big systems can be built far faster with far less effort; systems can be much more flexible in meeting the evolving needs of the business; systems can be much more efficient and scalable, thereby lowering operating costs; and systems can be dramatically more resilient, which is important for mission critical systems. These benefits are typically at odds with each other — how many times have you heard the adage “you can have two but not three of these things”? But Ab Initio’s architecture is different. It was designed from first principles to provide all these benefits all the time, not just some of the time.

Explore our architectural principles:


Graphical Development
Metadata-Driven Engine
Performance and Flexibility
Parallel Processing
Distributed Processing
In-Memory Processing
Platform Independence
Batch, Real-Time Services, and Streaming
Metadata and a Data Catalog